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Ayano Aishi (Yandere Chan) is the main female protagonist in the game Yandere Simulator. She is a Japanese Schoolgirl who is a Yandere. Her main goal is to eliminate all 10 of her rivals so she can finally be with her "Senpai", Taro Yamada.

Her mother, Ryoba Aishi was also a Yandere and so are most people in her bloodline. Her father's name is unknown but it has been revealed we will eventually know his name.

First Appearance

Ayano Aishi first appeared April, 2014 on the first ever build of the game. Originally, she had a blue ponytail, rather than a black ponytail and that is all that has changed.

Rivals and Allies

Ayano has 10 rivals in her way of getting her senpai. There names being:

  • Osana Najimi - She is Taro Yamada's childhood best friend and a Tsundere
  • Amai Odayaka - She is the club leader of the Cooking Club and a Hajidere
  • Kizana Sunobu - She is the club leader of the Drama Club and a Himedere
  • Oka Ruto - She is the club leader of the Occult Club and a Dandere
  • Asu Rito - She is the club leader of the Sports club and is a Deredere
  • Muja Kina - She is the school nurse and a Dojikko
  • Mida Rana - She is a school substitute teacher and a Sadodere
  • Osoro Shidesu - She is the leader of the Delinquents and a Mayadere
  • Hanako Yamada - She is Taro Yamada's little sister and a Deredere
  • Megami Saikou - She is the leader of the Student Council and a Kamidere
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Ayano means color and design in Japanese and her surname "Aishi" is a combination of the Japanese word for love (Ai-) and the Japanese word for death (-shi). Her surname quite literally means "Love-Death".