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Ayaka Tomikura or 富蔵彩花 (とみくら あやか) is a character from the hentai Kagachi-sama Onagusame Tatematsurimasu: Netorare Mura Inya Hanashi and from the CG game. She is a step-mother and a wife.


She is 33 years old. She is a priestess for the god Kagachi Sama. She is in love with her step son. She spend her entire life in the village Shiranawa.


In her village Shiranawa there is a tradition of orgies in for the snake god Kagachi. One day her step-son (Takahiko) who is disappointed as sex with her wife comes back to the village where Ayaka lives. In fact he loved her during his chilhood (Non-blood-related Mother). Takahiko witnessed the scene where Nagataro did gangbang Ayaka at the summer festival that he visited just after the wedding and offered a bribe to a banquet with the authorities of the surrounding area, and it has become exciting. Takahiko will leave the village. From an early age, they called themselves "Ayanee" "Taka-kun" and loved Takahiko, and Ayaka had a weak love for Takahiko.

Physical description

Hair: Blue, long, parted to Side Eyes: Blue

Body: Mole, , Big Ass, E+ Cup, Pale, Young-adult, tatoo

Clothes: Baby-doll, Bodystocking, Crotchless Panties, Cupless Corset, Detached Sleeves, Dress, Fishnet Clothing, Fishnet Stockings, Glasses, Kimono, Open Cup Bra, Sweater, Tabi, Transparent, Zouri


Tomizo Aimi: She is priestess with her.

Takahiko Tomizo : Her step-son

Tokuzo Chotaro: Her husband

Voice actor

She is dubbed by Harumi Asai in the anime

She is dubbed by Momozono Kaoru in the Visual Novel







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