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Aya Fumino (文野亜弥) is the Heroine in Root Letter.


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Aliases: AYA, Shiori Yoshioka (alternate personality of)
  • Eye Colors: Brown


Takayuki's penpal, but the truth is, she died 25 years ago. Clear-headed, attractive and physically active. A talented young woman who died of an illness at age 18. (Third year of high school) - √Letter PREMIUM ARTBOOK


Aya Fumino was the daughter of Naoki Fumino and Yoko Fumino in √Letter. She died aged 18, 25 years prior to the game. However, Shiori Yoshioka pretends to be her during her third year of high school in 1999, which leads to an Aya like personality forming. In the 'Princess of Himegamori Forest' route, Shiori, after she failed at her attempt to kill the Aya personality, becomes Aya. She is the antagonist of the 'Cursed Letter' and the 'Princess of Himegamori' routes in √Letter.


  • Naoki Fumino - Her father
  • Shiori Yoshioka - Sister (Princess of Himegamori Forest route only)
  • Yoko Fumino - Her mother
  • Yuki Hara - Classmate from 25 years ago.


Aya is a common first name in Japan, there's several meanings being; "Design", "Colourful" and "Beautiful".


  • She gave each of the 7 classmates, and Takayuki one of the cardinal sins, while there isn't an eighth, she makes up one for Takayuki which is "Frivolity".
  • Aya is one of three voices that you can have narrate in √Letter, along with Shiori and Yukari.



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