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Princess Aurora is the titular protagonist of Disney's 1959 film Sleeping Beauty and one of the main characters in the 2014 live-action film Maleficent. She is the daughter of King Stefan and Queen Leah. She is the third official Disney Princess.

She has been voiced by Mary Costa, Jennifer Hale and Kate Higgins.


Aurora is kind, elegant, shy and sophisticated, as well as a hopeless romantic. At first, she is seen as a slightly naive and carefree young woman as a result of being sheltered for most of her life. Aurora is very loyal to her "aunts" and usually obeys their rules respectfully, although she may disagree with them. Since she was raised not to talk to strangers, Aurora was naturally startled and apprehensive when the handsome Prince Phillip appeared in the forest. However, she was drawn to him before remembering her aunts' rule about not talking to strangers. Aurora then compromised in agreeing to talk to him by arranging to meet him at her cottage, under the supervision of her aunts. In later media, she is shown to have matured and become more self-assured, independent and confident in her opinions and abilities. Though it can arguably be said that as a character, she is very difficult to pin down, due to her short appearance in the movie, at least awake, that is.



Sleeping Beauty - Once Upon a Dream

Physical Appearance[]

Aurora is a supremely beautiful young woman, magically blessed with curly and wavy waist-length golden hair like sunshine, violet eyes, a tall and slender figure, and lips that shame the red rose. Her complexion is fair and flawless and unlike Snow White or Cinderella, her face is less rounded and more refined, giving her an appearance of maturity rather than youth, despite being only 16.

In her peasant guise of Briar Rose, she wears a gray skirt with a white petticoat, a black bodice over a light gray blouse with long sleeves and goes barefoot. She also has a black headband and carries a purple shawl. After discovering her status as a princess, she wears an evening gown that changes from blue to pink and back due to Flora and Merryweather's disagreeing on the color.


In Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams, Aurora was given a magic wand from Merryweather to use, and Aurora was able to wield its magical powers such as making two stacks of papers pick themselves up, transforming her nightgown into a ballgown with a dazzling necklace, matching earrings, and a jeweled tiara. She summoned chickens and cows and temporarily turned a man into a duck. Later in the story Aurora fixed her problems and gave away the cows to peasants. At the end of the story she returned the wand to Merryweather.

In the original film, despite Aurora having been enchanted by Maleficent, a powerful sorceress, Aurora's willpower combined with shouts from the fairies temporarily gave her the strength to regain control of herself for a few seconds.

Disney Parks[]

Auroras new new dress

Princess Aurora posing for a photo at one of the Disney parks.

Princess Aurora is a meetable character at Disney parks around the world. She is usually at Fantasy Faire in Disneyland Park or in stage shows that include a princess scene. If it is not her and Prince Phillip, it is Belle and Beast or Ariel and Eric.

Aurora has her own spell card known as "Aurora's Rose Petals" in the attraction Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

Aurora also appears on the princess themed float in Mickey's Soundsational Parade as well as in Jubilation!, Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade andFlights of Fantasy Parade.

For meet-and-greets, Aurora can be found at the Magic Kingdom's Town Square Theater. In Epcot, She can often be found in the France Pavilion.

Aurora is also present for the Fantasylands of both Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland. Aurora also makes meet-and-greet appearances aboard the Disney Magic.


Princess Aurora appears during the Princess Melody, but not in every showing. Aurora also reappears riding Steamboat Willie at the top with other Disney Princesses and many other Disney characters.

Dream Along with Mickey[]

Aurora appears dancing with Cinderella, Snow White and their princes. Aurora assists Cinderella and Snow White in making Minnie dreams come true as being a princess. Aurora reappears at the end and celebrate with other Disney characters the defeat of Maleficent and her minions Captain Hook and Mr. Smee.

Disney Princess[]



Aurora did not receive many changes in her late 2012 redesign. Her bangs no longer sport the distinctive curl in the front, and are now combed and curled more to the side like a typical hair parting. Her tiara is no longer as pointy, and the rubies that used to be studded in it have been replaced with pink rose quartz. The white shoulders of her dress are now more refined and streamlined, and no longer as sharp and pointed-looking. The entire dress itself is now decorated with swirly designs of climbing flowers and vines. This reworking of Aurora's look is carried over to the Disney Parks. She also has a more sparkly and glittery redesign for her other blue gown.

In her early redesigns, she had a long sash beneath her hips instead of the triangular cutouts, but in the current redesign, the cutouts remained in her dress.


  • "Well, and what are you three dears up to?"
    Disney Princess Aurora's Story Illustraition 5
  • "Berries?"
  • "-But I picked berries yesterday."
  • "Oh, dear. Why do they still treat me like a child?"
  • "Aunt Flora and Fauna and Merryweather. They never want me to meet anyone. But you know something? I fooled them. I have met someone."
  • Disney Princess Aurora's Story Illustraition 8
    "Oh, a prince. (birds twitter) Well, he's tall and handsome and-- and so romantic. (birds twitter) Oh, we walk together and talk together. And just before we say goodbye he takes me in his arms... and then... I wake up. (birds sigh) Yes, it's only in my dreams. But, they say, if you dream a thing more than once it's sure to come true... and I've seen him so many times."
  • "Oh, it, uh, wasn't that. It's just that you're a--a--"
  • "Mm-hmm."
  • "We--We have?"
    Disney Princess Aurora's Story Illustraition 10
  • "Why? After all, I am sixteen."
  • "Betrothed?"
  • "But that's impossible! How could've I marry a prince? I have to be--"
  • "But I can't! He's coming here tonight, I'd promised to meet him."
  • "Oh no! No! I can't believe it! No! No!"
  • "Oh never, never!"
  • Disney Princess Aurora's Story Illustraition 14
    "Well, maybe someday."
  • "Oh no, this evening!"
  • (Calling back while running away) "At the cottage... in the glen."
  • "Why, it's my dream prince."
  • "Your Highness."
  • "Well, I'm really not supposed to speak to strangers, but we've met before."
  • (On her return from picking berries) "Aunt Flora? Fauna? Merrywether?"
  • "Where is everybody?"
  • (Gasps as she sees her new dress draped over a chair and rushes toward it eagerly) "Oh!"
  • "Oh, you darlings! This is the happiest day of my life! Everything's so wonderful!"
  • "Just wait till you meet him."
  • "Oh, he's not a stranger. We've met before."
  • "Once upon a dream."


  • Aurora Blue Dress Concept Art
    Aurora is the third Disney Princess, after Snow White (1937) and Cinderella (1950).
  • Aurora is often considered second-in-command (with Belle) of the 13 Disney Princesses to Cinderella.
  • Out of all Disney Princesses, she has least screen time, 18 minutes to be exact.
  • Her film did not originally do well at the box office nor was it ever re-released in Walt Disney's lifetime. Sleeping Beauty was also the last Princess film made in Disney's lifetime, and the fairy tale genre was not returned to until The Little Mermaid in 1989.
    Poses aurora
    Aurora conceptart01

    Early sketches of Aurora based off of Audrey Hepburn by Tom Oreb.

    • However, the film developed a cult following in later years and Aurora has gained much popularity when the Disney Princess franchise was created.
    • All the Princesses' films so far were commercially successful during their initial releases, except for Aurora, thus making her film the only one to be a commercial failure during its initial release.
    • Aurora is also the last "traditional" Disney Princess; as these princesses in that era are more reactive. After that, the later Princesses are more "contemporary" and proactive, starting with Ariel in 1989.
  • Aurora is the first female to possess violet or purple eyes, second was Vanessa (Ursula's human alter-ego) and third was Megara.
  • In the sequel books, she has a palomino horse named Mirette.
  • Aurora is the second Disney Princess to be involved with "true love's kiss", after Snow White in 1937. Though in Snow White the kiss was called "love's first kiss", well in Sleeping Beauty the kiss was called "true love's kiss". In The Little Mermaid, Ariel needed another version of the kiss as well called "the kiss of true love" to stay human under Ursula's deal.
  • Briar Concept Art 2
    Aurora is the third youngest Disney Princess, with Snow White being the youngest at 14 and Jasmine being the second youngest at 15, but she turns 16 at the end of Aladdin. Aurora turns 16 in her feature film and a majority of the movie takes place on her birthday. The fourth youngest is Ariel who was already 16 in her feature film as well for sometime before the events of her movie took place.
  • Aurora's alias is Briar Rose, which is also the title of the Brothers Grimm version of the tale.
  • The name Aurora is the daughter's name of the Sleeping Beauty in the version of Charles Perrault and is the name for the titular character in the ballet.
  • Aurora is the first Disney Princess to have an official alias.
  • Aurora means "sunrise" or "dawn" in Latin.
  • Aurora is the first Disney Princess to have both parents present during her film, the second being Mulan, the third being Rapunzel, and the fourth being Merida. Tiana, Anna and Elsa could count, as both parents were present when they were a child, but they may not because Tiana's father dies in war, and Anna and Elsa's parents both die in shipwreck.
  • Aurora is one of the eight Disney Princesses to be royal by birth, second after Snow White.
  • Aurora remained silent in the second half of the film she originated in, even after being awoken with the kiss.
  • Aurora's dress is constantly changed from blue to pink and back again as a running gag during her film. The constant color change is due to Flora and Merryweather's disagreement on what the color should be. Although it is most commonly seen as pink in publicity photos, it hasn't yet been made official whether her dress is blue or pink. It is likely that she owns dresses of both colors. She may be seen in pink because of the fact that her original dress color when it was being made by Flora is pink, not blue as Merryweather wanted, thus makes her commonly seen in pink. Another possible reason she's mostly seen dressed in pink is so she won't be confused with Cinderella, who (often) has blonde hair and wears a dress that is displayed as blue in franchise products. Also, it maybe because due to many other Disney female characters wearing blue, Jasmine (Aladdin), Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Wendy (Peter Pan), Belle (Beauty and the Beast, in her peasant dress). It was even noticeable from looking at the six Princesses of Heart, from the first game of Kingdom Hearts.
  • Aurora is the first Disney Princess to be initially unaware of her identity as a princess, the second being Rapunzel. She also inspired other traits, such as their desire to be "free" and see the world, look very much like their birth mothers, and and are barefoot for most of their films.
  • Aurora has been selected as the #2 most attractive Disney heroine, the #5 most popular Disney Princess and the #5 favorite Disney heroine.
  • Her real name, Aurora, which is mentioned few times in the film, is often unused or even unknown by some fans, by them she is only called Sleeping Beauty. This is notable in the House of Mouse episode "Jiminy Cricket", Jiminy Cricket addressed Aurora with "Sleeping" and "Beauty" as her first and last names respectively, reflecting on this.
  • Aurora is the first Disney Princess in which she has to deal with an unwanted marriage as a major or minor source of conflict. (Belle is the second as she has to deal with Gaston's intent to marry her), Jasmine is the third in that her father is trying to marry her off before her next birthday, and Pocahontas is the fourth in that her father is trying to marry her off to Kocoum).
  • Aurora is the tallest out of the eleven Disney Princesses.
  • Though she is supposedly the main protagonist, Aurora has only 18 minutes of screen time, making her have the least amount of screen time than any other Disney Princess. Tiana has the second least amount of screen time as a human (19 minutes). So technically, this makes some people believe that her "aunts" are the protagonists.
  • Aurora made a brief cameo appearance in the Mickey Mouse Works cartoon Mickey's April Fools.
  • Technically she is the first female character to have known her love interest since childhood as Phillip was present for her birth, though she was much too young to remember it so it may not count. She is followed by Faline, Maid Marian, Nala and Kiara. She is also the only human female to be so.
  • Aurora is the second Disney Princess to be sung to by her respective love interest. Snow White being the first.
  • Aurora is the second Disney Princess to participate in a dance with her respective love interest after just meeting him. The first being Cinderella.
  • Aurora is the third Disney Princess to run away from her respective love interest without telling him her name. She was preceded by Snow White and Cinderella, and later followed by Ariel and Pocahontas. However unlike the first two Aurora told Phillip where he could find her.
  • She is the first Princess that doesn't have an American accent as she has an English accent.
  • The final scene of Sleeping Beauty with her and Prince Phillip dancing and going off into the clouds was an abandoned concept from both Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella.
  • Aurora, along with Cinderella and Belle, are the only Disney Princesses to have songs sung about them. Additionally, Aurora has two songs sung about her.
  • Aurora is the first Disney Princess to ever get involved with political issues, as seen in her sequel, she is seen signing papers for her father.
  • Aurora is more commonly seen with Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Jasmine than with the other Princesses.
  • In the ballet, her father is named King Florestan the XXIVth, the Prince is named Désiré or Florimund and the evil fairy is called Carabosse. There are five fairies named Candide (Candor),Coulante, Fleur de farine (Flowing, Wheat flour), Miettes qui tombent (Falling breadcrumbs),Canari qui chante (Singing canary) and Violente (Force). The Lilac Fairy is the final and 6th good fairy, and is considered the most powerful.
  • Aurora is one of six Disney Princesses to use magic for she used Merryweather's wand. The other five are Ariel who used her father's trident, Cinderella who used her Fairy Godmother's wand, Pocahontas who has the ability to control the air and wind, Rapunzel whose magic came from her golden hair before it was cut, and Elsa who has control over ice and snow.
  • Aurora is the first Disney Princess to frown in merchandise.
  • Aurora is the first Princess to have her love-interest at the beginning of her life.
  • Aurora's actress, Mary Costa, is the only actress alive of the first three Princesses. Both Adriana Caselotti and Ilene Woods passed away.
  • Strangely, in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Aurora's bed vanishes, as does Aurora herself when completing Terra's and Ventus's scenarios in her world, when she should be asleep in her bed. Though more than likely for the story of the world, it means that Aurora is awake due to Aqua helping Prince Phillip rescuing her.
  • Coincidentally, Kate Higgins, the latest voice actor for Aurora, also voices Briar Beauty, the daughter of Sleeping Beauty in the Mattel webisode series, Ever After High.
  • Aurora is the first live-action Disney character actress Elle Fanning portrays, though it is her second Disney character; the first being her voice acting for the animated Mei Kusakabe from My Neighbor Totoro.
  • Aurora is the third and last Disney Princess to have her story open with a fairy tale book, the first being Snow White and the second being Cinderella.
  • Aurora is one of the six Disney Princesses that could become Queen Regnant of her homeland instead of a Queen Consort.
  • Not counting Maleficent, Aurora is the only Princess not to interact with the antagonist of her film.
  • Although she is implied to be French, some fans mistaken her as British because she was voiced by Mary Costa who used an English accent, some characters have Atlantic accents, such as King Stefan and his head servant Lord Duke, and her prince being named after the Duke of Edinburgh.
  • Unlike most Princesses, her appearance is given more as a mature woman, rather than a 16-year old girl. This could be because she's more clever than she is given off as. An example is that when her "aunts" tried to hide the dress they were making for her birthday, she knew that something was up.
  • In Maleficent, Aurora is the only Disney Princess to have her parents (King Stefan and Queen Leah, who were alive in the original) deceased in a live action remake. This was due to her father King Stefan being evil in a live action remake, making her the only Disney Princess to have a biological relative as a villain.
  • Aurora also shares some similarities with Princess Odette from the Non Disney film: The Swan Princess: both being cursed by dark magical figures (Aurora; Maleficent, Odette; Sir Rothbart), being betrothed by their love interests when they’re infants (Aurora; Phillip, Odette; Derek), and temporarily die near the end until their love interests saves them by killing their dark magical figures who turn into dangerous animals (Phillip killed Maleficent in her dragon form and Derek killed Rothbart in his form of the Great Animal).


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