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Athena Asamiya is a Main Protagonist of Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life.


Although he is a freshman in Seimine Gakuen High School, Psychic awakens for some reason and becomes an Esper high school student. According to the medical record found at W City Seimine General Hospital, "A naturally occurring person. As a result of comprehensive function check, it is born with a low astronomical probability. Confirmed to be a Human with a Pattern that closely resembles the genetic sequence of an ancient species. As a result of re-inspection and virtual simulation, it was found to have an innate ability regarding Specific Ability. When they reach a certain age, they can spontaneously awakening their abilities. Furthermore, after Ability Awakening, it is expected that Awakening Speed can be dramatically increased by applying external stress. Need to report to Tantalus as a first-class key person." is written.