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  • Ask That Guy
Ask That Guy
Doug Walker as Ask That Guy
First appearance Ask That Guy with the Glasses 1
Created by Doug Walker
Portrayed by Doug Walker
Aliases That Guy with the Glasses
That Guy
Species Human
Gender Male

Ask That Guy is the host of Ask That Guy With the Glasses. He answers "stupid" questions for the viewers. He always opens up an episode by saying 'Hello' in a different language and/or a different way. For April Fools Day 2009 the Nostalgia Critic answered questions while Ask That Guy reviewed Monsters vs. Aliens instead of Chester A. Bum.

Appearance and personality[]

Ask That Guy wears a blue robe with a red ascot, as well as, of course, a pair of glasses. He is frequently seen with a pipe in his hand, and he used to have a red book in his other, until he switched to a red martini glass.

Although he claims to be all-knowing, despite that, he can be easily described as a pervert, a homicidal maniac, or all of the above. In fact, only one person has bested him in that regard, so far.

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