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Mikura Suzuki is a Character from Mezzo.


A bullied child in Age 12 in sixth grade. The study is moderate, but the motor nerve is 0 and it is disdained as "Guztro". My parents can't take care of me because I'm too busy with work, and because of the reasons I mentioned above, I don't have many friends in class, so I'm left out. It was a day of inferiority and giving up, but one day I was caught in a Battle of DSA and Black Scissors by the day when I was cut by a classmate in an abandoned building, and I was fascinated by Mikura's every move. Longing for Mikura, she worshiped her as a master and started visiting the office every day. They gradually get used to saving the DSA crisis and bringing them jobs. In the final stage of the work, he learned Kung Fu from Mikura, and although he was surprised, he defeated Mugi-chan and grew to help Mikura who was captured by him. At the office, while glimpsing Mikura's weaknesses and fragility, Tomohisa Harada never really noticed him, but he fell in love with him, and after thinking of Harada's feelings, he started to roast Mikura.


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