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Asakura Misako or 朝倉 美沙子 is a character from the hentai HEARTWORK -Symphony of Destruction- (ハートワーク) visual novel and OVA adaptation. She is a widow, mother and a stepmother.


The father of her only daughter unknown, Misako marries Yuu's father and becomes his stepmother. She is somewhere in her early 40s now but retains a beautiful, healthy glow.

Many years later, and after her second husband passed away, Misako starts taking a shine to Yuu.

Misako is first seen having a conversation at home while Yuu and Masami visit her for a short period of time. Glancing at a photo of the day they became a blended family, Misako compliments on how Yuu has grown up and resembles his deceased father. Masami asks her mother if Yuu's father was as handsome as the latter, to which Misako replies yes.

Later, Misako is passionately taking a full body shower. While in heat, Misako rubs her vagina a bit after hoping for Yuu to look more like her second husband. The deed does not go unnoticed as she realized that Yuu was watching her in the act before he retreats to his room. This only makes her giggle mischevously.

While Yuu is feeling himself after seeing his stepmother naked, Misako quietly sneaks in, wrapped in a towel, and finds the Gun Yuu's been holding and the energy takes over her...

Awhile later, Masami thanks Misako for the lunch and gets up from the table. Underneath the table, however, Misako is fondling Yuu's privates with her toes. As Yuu tries not to make any noise, Misako just giggles and watches with an amused yet amorous gaze.

It's shown earlier that Misako sneaked up on Yuu as he was masturbating. As he is shocked, Misako asks if he's going to continue and watch. She then removes her bath towel revealing her sculpted, voluptuous nude body before an already petrified Yuu. With Yuu stripped naked as well and laying on his bed, Misako proceeds to have sex with him at gunpoint in a cowgirl position. Sliding her vagina up and down his penis, Misako teases Yuu that he wanted her to do this deed. Misako continues pushing up and down his member with a slight giggle in her soft moans. Yuu ultimately gives in his inhibition and forces himself to change their bed positions to Misako on her back and him thrusting inside Misako in a kneeling missionary position. Misako moans louder and erotically with each thrust from her stepson until he ejaculates inside her body. When Yuu asks why they did just had intercourse, Misako retorts with the fact that they wouldn't be doing themselves if she was his real mother. She also states that regardless of how many years they lived together, their still a bunch of strangers before she performs fellatio on Yuu. After Yuu finishes in her throat, Misako is once again on her back as Yuu thrusts her in a missionary position before discharging his semen in her. Misako is left panting heavily from their deed. Covered in his sexual fluids, Misako smiles, still deviated from the Gun's effects.

As Masami decides to step out for a stroll, Yuu sees her off, only to be met by Misako again. The woman smiles deeply at him with her arms across her chest to show her erected nipples in her top. The door opens as Masami asks Yuu and Misako if they need anything while she's out. Yuu replies no as he'll catch up with her later, prompting Masami to leave.

Physical Description

Hair: Upper back length, Dark Brown, Two strands over shoulders, Bangs that frame her cheeks.

Eyes: Brown.

Body: Adult, Firm Ass, D+ Cup Bust Size, Curvy Waist, Slight Makeup, Pink Lipstick, Thick Eyelashes.

Clothes: Off-the-Shoulder shirt, Tank Top, Pencil Miniskirt, Heeled Shoes, Bra, Apron, Towel, Panties.

Voice Actress

She is voiced by Murasaki Asagasumi