Arthur has brown hair, small eyebrows, and two teeth sticking out of his mouth, he wears round green glasses, a green cap with a triangle and an alien head in the middle, a green t-shirt too big for him with the same symbol as his cap and a brown collar, gray pants with two dark gray vertical stripes, he has a tapeworm inside his belly, he pops it out of his mouth sometimes to eat mash. He's a nerd who struggles to make friends and is passionate about aliens. He is very intelligent and is able to create an alien detector, he has been collecting toast since he was 5 years old and is a fan of Sherlock Holmes. He does not have very good breath, he is part of the chess club and was part of the detective club. He is harassed and hit by Ozzy but despite this he remains sympathetic to Ozzy and would like to be his friend. He has a pet spider named Ursula. He wanted to have be loved so much that he made a detective club with his nerds friends and arrested innocents people to make people think that he is intelligent and cool, at the end he gave up and is now expelled forever.

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