Aria Blaze

Aria Blaze is a main villain in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, a secondary villain in Equestria Girls: Sunset's Backstage Pass, and also a supporting villain in Equestria Girls: Siren Academy. She is the female equivalent of Squidward Tentacles (Rodger Bumpass). Most importantly, she is also infamous for opposing other villains, such as Prince Hans (Santino Fontana), Lady Tremaine, Drizella Tremaine, Queen Grimhilde (Susan Blakeslee), Cruella De Vil (Glenn Close), Maleficent, and Jafar (Jonathan Freeman). Because of her frequent hostility towards humans and other villains, she has earned the rivalry and bitter hatred of Eleanor Miller (Amy Poehler), Brittany Miller (Christina Applegate), Victor Stone (Khary Payton), Starfire (Hynden Walch), Raven Roth (Tara Strong), Beast Boy (Greg Cipes), Robin (Scott Menville), and Shaggy Rogers (Matthew Lillard). She is voiced by Diana Kaarina.

Signature moves

  • Siren Cannon Drill: Aria lunges forward, spinning in a cork-screw manner with her flaming foots leading toward her opponent. In Equestria Girls: Siren Academy, this is called Low Spinning Kick, and her foots won't be on fire. However, the enhanced version is called Low Drill Kick, which has armor, hits more times and trips the opponent into the air, allowing for a juggle.
  • Surging Blast: Aria sends a blast of fire from her palm at her opponent. In Equestria Girls: Siren Academy, this is called Flame Ball, which is now an orb of golden flame that can be fired at either a high or a low arc. The enhanced version of Surging Blast has Aria shoot a straight, larger and much faster Flame Ball at the opponent. However, the Surging Blast will destroy opposing projectiles in its path.
  • Air Fire Blast: Aria jumps into the air and sends a blast of fire at a 45 degree angle towards her opponent. In Equestria Girls: Siren Academy, this has close and far versions and can only be performed in mid-air, no longer causing Aria to jump when performed. However, the enhanced version of Air Surging Blast makes her fire both the close and the far versions at once.
  • Split Flip Kick: Aria somersault forward with a flaming kick directed at her opponent. In Equestria Girls: Siren Academy, this is called Flip Kick, and her foots won't be on fire. However, the enhanced version of Split Flip Kick has armor. Aria performs another somersault leap to stomp on the opponent's stomach while they're still on the ground.
  • Find Me If You Can: Aria surrounds herself with a flaming haze and becomes invisible.
  • Air Spinning Kick: Aria performs a Low Spinning Kick in mid-air, which is directed downward at her opponent.
  • Air Split Drop: Aria drops down from the air and does a leg split on the ground as she lands down, tripping the opponent with her outstretched leg.
  • Teleport: Aria dashes upward, leaving a lilac-colored trail, hitting the opponent. This can be directed diagonally forward or backward and also be performed in mid-air, which will make her dash forward or backward. However, the enhanced version Quick Teleport has armor and also allows Aria to follow it up with an Air Teleport.
  • Dark Shroud: Aria covers her opponent with a dark red and seemingly magical substance. If the opponent is hit by any Fire Ball while covered by the Shroud, it will have its damage considerably increased and knock them back. Even if the projectile is blocked, its chip damage will still be much greater and higher, but it won't knock the opponent back. However, the enhanced version is called Siren's Dust, which protects Aria as she throws the Shroud.
  • Tonfa Toss: Aria tosses one of her tonfas at her opponent, slicing them with it. However, the enhanced version Tonfa Throw makes the tonfa return to Aria after going all the way through the screen, slashing the opponent a second time on their back.
  • Tonfa Swipe: Aria slashes her opponent with both of her tonfas in a series of triple hits; after the Swipe, she can performed a Tonfa Slash and then a Tonfa Push to knock the opponent back.
  • Blade Dive: From the air, Aria dives forward with her tonfas ahead of her to slash and knock down the opponent.
  • Air Naginata Stance: In mid-air, Aria uses her naginata as a pole, making it stand perfectly upright and landing on its non-bladed tip. Simply stabbing the naginata on the ground to initiate the stance will hit the opponent if they are below her. From up there, she can perform a multiple attacks, or exit the stance by jumping again.
  • Naginata Slam: Aria pulls the naginata to slam it over her opponent's head as she lands back down.
  • Naginata Slide: Aria pushes the naginata down to make its blade hit her opponent's legs and trip them.
  • Swinging Kick: Aria swings around the naginata, which remains in the upright position to deliver a powerful kick with both of her legs, knocking the opponent away. This can be done from the ground as a separate special move. However, the enhanced version of the Swinging Kick, which performed on the ground is called Spinning Kick. Aria will stab the naginata in the upright position and use it to swing upwards, kicking and uppercutting the opponent while doing so. This will also leave her in the Air Naginata Stance.
  • Throw: Aria uses an axe kick to hit the opponent's head, making them look down, and then kicks them in the face with the other foot to knock them away.
  • X-Ray Move - Air Up and Over: After stunning the victim with a dive kick, Aria does a somersault leap to strike the back of their head with her leather boots, destroying the back of their skull. She grabs their head and leaps over them, pulling their neck back, snapping it in half. Turning back around, she leaps onto the victim's shoulders, holding their neck with her legs and delivers a powerful high throw that breaks the victim's neck completely.

Finishing moves

  • Torture Rack: Using her kobujutsu, Aria slices her victim's torso, slashes their throat and then stabs them in the abdomen, which allows them to bleed to death as they falls to their knees. (Equestria Girls: Deception and Trickery)
  • Knee Bone Dagger: Aria rips out the victim's thigh bone and stabs them in the throat with it. The victim then coughs until they falling down on the ground, dead. (Equestria Girls: Deception and Trickery)
  • Bloody Leather Boots: Aria kicks the victim on the ground and pins their hands down with her kobujutsu blades. Shen then walks up to them and delivers a powerful stomp right through their chest. She proceeds to stomp the victim's head and face with her other foot, with such force powerful enough to create a gaping hole. She removes her blood-covered leather boots from the victim's corpse and walks away in disgust. (Equestria Girls: Siren Academy)
  • Siren Drill: Aria mounts the victim's back by holding onto their shoulders and snapping their spine with her feet. She then launches her entire body through the victim's chest, leaving a gaping hole. She brushes off a few tracts of intestines that cover her body as she lands and gives a satisfied look at their still-beating heart in her hand. The victim's eviscerated corpse falls to the ground. (Equestria Girls: Siren Academy)

Other finishing moves

  • Eye Scream: Aria rips out both of her thigh bones and stabs herself in the head through her eye sockets. (Euestria Girls: Deception and Trickery)
  • Brutality #1: Losing Your Head: Aria grabs her victim to do her Throw, with the last and final kick, decapitating her victim. (Equestria Girls: Siren Academy)
  • Brutality #2: Raging Stomp: Aria does a Split Flip Kick, stomping on the victim's stomach so hard that their head and sides detach from their body. (Equestria Girls: Siren Academy)
  • Brutality #3: Back Stabbed: Aria does her Tonfa Throw at the opponent. As the tonfa returns, it lodges itself in the opponent's back, killing them. (Equestria Girls: Siren Academy)
  • Brutality #4: Watch This: After landing on her naginata with Air Naginata Stance, Aria hits the opponent with a Swinging Kick. The strike is so powerful that completely twists their torso 360 degrees, effectively bisecting the victim. (Equestria Girls: Siren Academy)
  • Brutality #5: Pop Pop: Aria covers the opponent in the Dark Shroud and hits them with a Surging Blast. The amplified damage completely immolates the opponent, reducing them to a glowing skeleton. (Equestria Girls: Siren Academy)

Character relationships

  • Sunny Flare - Aria was her assassination target one year before the events of Equestria Girls: Friendship Games.


  • (Fauntleroy Donaldson: You freed me from men's prison three years ago.) I freed you out of men's prison three years ago so I could help you to regain what's rightfully yours. (Fauntleroy Donaldson: It would be be ashamed for me to lose you, Aria.)
  • I have been called an enforcer of the Lethal Alliance. I prefer the term "Ambassador". (Aria, when she was serving the Lethal Alliance)
  • (to Starlight Glimmer) I will free the souls within you, Ms. Glimmer.
  • (to Sunny Flare) Your ego needs boundaries.
  • (to Theodore Seville) Begone, you insignificant brat.


  • In Equestria Girls: Days of the Past, the players are allowed to have Aria Blaze as the announcer, despite Aria Blaze herself doesn't physically appeared as a playable boss character in that game.
  • Her color scheme is similar to that of Starlight Glimmer (Kelly Sheridan).
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