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Argent is a superheroine from the DC Comics. Originally a loner super, Argent eventually joined the Teen Titans as an honorary member after she was targeted by the Brotherhood of Evil.


Antonia “Toni” Louise Monetti as the lovely goth crime fighter Argent.

Born and raised in London, Antonia Monetti was originally a normal teenaged girl and goth. However during an accident she was exposed to large amounts of a new form of radiation, and from it she acquired the powers to generate and manipulate strange crimson-colored energy from her hands and fly. Deciding to use her powers for good, Antonia dropped out of high school and took up the alias Argent and became a superheroine operating primarily within the UK and other Commonwealth nations like Australia and New Zealand. During this time she performed many heroic feats and saved many innocent lives, earning her praise among other superheroes. Her heroic deeds were big enough that she secretly became a target of the Brotherhood of Evil when they started attacking and capturing young superheroes.


Argent’s usually calm, collected, stoic, serious, professional, and sarcastic side.

Argent with her usually calm, stoic, serious, and professional attitude.

Argent is very heroic superheroine who takes her duties very seriously. She tends to act in a very professional manner, showing a mostly serious and calm personality most of the time. She rarely looses her cool, always being strongly concentrated yet determined to the task at hand. along with being calm and serious, Argent is also something of a loner. She usually keeps to herself and when she speaks to others she often attempts to get straight to point, not wanting to talk much or waste words. She also maintains a very dry sense of humor with a fair amount of sarcasm in her speech. Despite trying to appear as professional as possible, Argent is still a teenager and tends to show this from time to time in the form of her respective hobbies. When she isn’t fighting crime or saving lives, Argent loves getting involved in goth like activities such as listening to rock music and shopping for dark themed cloths, since black is her favorite color. When subjects like these activities are raise, Argent sheds her serious and professional attitude and shows a much more happy and friendly side. Also despite being seen as a loner and preferring to work alone, Argent does indeed work well with others. She excepts help from others and shows gratitude for it, even when she does not ask for assistance, thus revealing her humble side. She is also fairly level headed, knowing when she is outmatched or disadvantaged and when to ask assistance from others.

Argent’s hidden happier and friendly side when the concept of fashion and black is raised.

In battle, Argent can be quite fierce, preferring to take her enemies out right away with very power, though not lethal, attacks. Even when outmatched and seemingly on the verge of defeat, Argent refuses to back down even if her life is at stake, showing herself to be a truly brave, strong-willed, and determined heroine. Argent also puts great emphasis on protecting innocent lives, always ensuring to make sure no civilians are in danger before doing battle with a villain. These traits give her the qualities of a true heroine.


Argent full-view

Argent is 18 years of age with pale/silver skin and large red-colored eyes with black pupils. Argent also has pitched-black spiked hair with 2 large red bangs. For clothing Argent wears a dark/goth themed outfit, consisting of a short red skirt with horizontal black stripes, a black upper part, black fingerless sleeves, red and black platform boots, and long black socks that extend to right below her knees. Additionally she also wears a small hair clip on her red bangs and has a black choker on her neck. Above her chest she sports a tattoo in the shape of a capital A.


Argent forming giant hands with her powers while flying.

Through enough concentration, Argent can manipulate the energy from her hands to form solid objects.

Argent is an extremely powerful superheroine with very strong powers. Through unknown means she managed to obtain the power to produce and control red plasma-energy from her hands that can take material shape. Through concentration, Argent is able to bend the energy into a material shape or material she wishes, from giants hands, metal and solid objects, and weapons. Along with her ability to produce and control energy, Argent can also levitate off the ground without the need of wings. She uses this power to fly at incredibly fast speeds and suffers no damage from the sudden changes in altitude and air pressure while doing so.


Mr and Mrs Monetti

Argent has a strained relationship with her parents. Before acquiring her powers, she would constantly fight with her parents due to their strong disapproval of her gothic interests and habits. Her rebellious attitude and skipping of classes didn’t help to improve their relationship either. After she gained her powers, Argent didn’t even seek their approval or even say goodbye when she got her powers, and simply ran-away without letting them know that she decided to become a superheroine. Argent has no contact with her parents, even after becoming a superheroine.


Argent Starfire.png

Argent first met Starfire in New Zealand, when she arrived to warn Argent about the Brotherhood of Evil targeting her. During their meeting Starfire warmly assisted Argent in repairing a broken dam she was attempting to fix. The two worked well-together and were very casual with each other despite having only just met. Despite Argent’s normally introverted nature, she and Starfire became fast friends. After her departure however, Argent was quickly attacked by the Brotherhood and Starfire quickly flew back in an attempt to save her new friend. She was saddened and very worried for Argent when she arrived too late to prevent Argent being taken away by the Brotherhood. However, the two of them would later fight side-by-side at the Brotherhood’s base in Paris and kept in contact after the Brain’s defeat. Overall the two have a strong and healthy friendship.


After joining the Teen Titans, Robin became Argent’s leader. She respects him highly because of his reputation and vice versa. She follows his orders when in battle and considers him to be a skilled fighter and gifted leader. Robin likewise respects Argent as fellow young hero, and cares about her well being, as he was worried for her when she was captured by Brotherhood and was horrified when she and the other honorary members were presented before him. Overall the two get along well and have a healthy working and friendly relationship.

General Immortus

General Immortus was the one who targeted Argent when the Brotherhood sent its agents to attack young heroes. While she put up a good fight, she was eventually defeated because of the size of the evil general’s robot army. This led to her capture and freezing. This caused her to bear a grudge against him and take satisfaction in his defeat and imprisonment.



  • In the original DC comics Argent is American, however in the Teen Titans series she is British.
  • Argent’s powers are extremely similar to that of the members of the Green Lantern Corps.
  • Though little interaction was shown between them, Argent and Raven are very much alike: both have sarcastic humor and introverted personalities, both are goth and like the color black, and both can fly and manipulate/shape the energy they produce with their powers.
  • Argent is French for silver, possibly referencing her silver/pale skin.
  • Argent is the second superheroine in the Teen Titans franchise to be carried over a kidnapper’s shoulder, the first being Starfire.
    Argent and Starfire shoulder carry.png