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Archie is one of the character's from Mythical Falls and Mythical Skys


Archie is a blue eagle. He has a white head full of feather's. Yellow beak. Blue goggles. He has white tail feathers. Wears blue hightops with a lighting bolt.


Archie is a funny but caring person. He has a lot of energy. He does get annoying sometimes.


Archie was born at Mythical Sky world. Archie is 16 years old. He met Falcon Lighting. They both are best friends. Both of them are 16 but Archie's older. Archie"s parents are unknown. Archie had his Own team with CoCo and Falcon. Archie and Falcon learned Spanish from CoCo since she was Brazilian and from Hooty. Archie than became on a team with Sage and Amber, Marie, Hooty. That's when they became the main 5.


Archie has speed. He also has flight. And also lighting power and strength.


  • Archie is very strong.
  • He is very annoying at some point but is fun to have around.
  • When Archie get's mad rain clouds do come.
  • Archie can fly.
  • Archie is American.
  • His best friend is Falcon Lightin.
  • Archie's relatives are unknown. He does call Falcon his brother.