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"Greetings I am Archer, emissary of the Gorgonites."

- Archer

Archer is the main protagonist in the film series Small Soldiers. He is the leader of the Gorgonites and has a very noble and kind personality in which he tries to make allies with anybody or anything he finds that can help him and his fellow Gorgonites fend off the Commando Elite. His main enemy of the Commando Elite is their leader, Chip Hazard. Finding the Gorgonite's homeland, Gorgon, is his primary objective.

Early life[]

Archer and the rest of the Gorgonites were created by human Irwin Wayfair, a toy creator from a company calledHeartland Playsystems which was bought out by Global Tech. Industries. His partner's name was Larry Benson (the creator of the Commandos).

Archer can be activated by a simple command which returns him from a toy-like state by saying "Halt, who goes there?"


Because Archer was a Gorgonite, he was programmed to hide and lose to the Commandos. This made Archer not very helpful in some cases. But there were some events that Archer did try and assist Alan Abernathy.

The first situation in which Archer helped was when the Commandos had taken Alan’s new friend, Christy Fimple, hostage and had demanded that Alan surrender the Gorgonites over to them in order to get her back safely. So what Alan did was first set up a decoy for the Commandos and then from there Archer was tied to the a rocket and when the rocket flew upward, Archer jumped off and parachuted into the Fimple’s house. Then after that, Archer would then unlock the back door so Alan could slip in to rescue Christy. Another event in which Archer helped was when Alan was having trouble completing the circuit to destroy the Commandos because Chip Hazard was attacking Alan with his knife. Archer got himself up on the telephone pole by firing his arm bowcaster upward and over the arm of the pole. From there, Insaniac spun around and around and around so Archer could be brought up to the pole. Then, when Archer got to the pole, he tried to attack Chip Hazard but was unsuccessful and then from there was kicked off the pole and hit the ground.

After the Film Events[]

After the huge battle of the Gorgonite allies defeating the Commando Elite, Alan found Archer and the rest of the Gorgonites hiding under the Fimples' huge satelite transmission disk. Then a couple of days later Alan gave the Gorgonites a wooden boat in which the creature toys set sail on a river to go in search for their homeland Gorgon.


  • He is the only controllable character in the Small Soldiers PS1 game, and the only controllable Gorgonite in Player 2 mode, the other being Major Chip Hazard.