Arcanine is a large dog-like Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Growlithe. It can only evolve if someone were to use a Firestone on it. Arcanine can be a real powerhouse with its Fire attacks as well as its physical prowess given its large size.

Its name comes from a combination of arcane, which is another phrase for mysterious, and canine, another word for dog.

Its japanese name, ウインディ Windie, most likely refers to windy, which emphasizes on its nature of being fast like the wind.

ReBoot Multiverse

Arcanine is one of Akari's Pokémon, as well as an elder of his Growlithe pup. He was once used with Umbreon and Houndoom when a Web Creature invaded Mainframe. With his incredible sense of smell, he was able to help track it; unfortunately, the Creature escaped starting the Web World War.

Ultimate Story

Fox owns an Arcanine. He owns a Growlithe as well.

Recessional of the Red Dragons

Arcanine: It was first found as a sick, lost Growlithe puppy located in the Virbank Complex, a very polluted, gaseous place where it was a place for Trainers as well as a construction site. The Pokémon residents there were succumbing to the fumes, and seeing the unwell Growlithe, Beth decided to take it in and make it stronger. With the help of her Oshawott, she was able to rescue it from the careless Workers and defeat them. It soon evolved into a more vital Arcanine after she managed to find a rare Fire Stone.

It was proven useful during the Red Dragon war on Mars, as it used its amazing fiery moves at the peak of Olympus Mons.

Ikran's Lost OoT/Pokémon crossover

Arcanine evolved seven years ago, and still resides at Death Mountain. He redeemed himself by helping his comrades conquer the Fire Temple by combatting and smelling out secrets, even those deceitful doors that attempt to crush the team.

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