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April Smuntz

April Smuntz is Lars' cruel, gold-digging ex-wife. Portrayed by Vicki Lewis


She kick Lars out of home after learning his late father left him nothing but a string factory in his will and that Lars didn't want to sell the place. But she returns and seduces him after learning about the house auction.

April is a borderline example of such, clearly expecting more from her husband due to his once-lucrative inheritance and being more concerned with herself than with his own well-being. She even had the gall to chew out Ernie for not seizing the opportunity for more money on the house at the auction while Mr. Falko, who was betting hugely on the house was choking right in front of her. You’ll likely be laughing with Ernie when she ends up choking herself.

April in her corset that she wears under her coat to seduce an already naked Lars, with her hair loose and a little hat which she keeps on her head. And it's seen for only a few seconds.

April outright states that she is not content being "middle class" and angrily tosses Lars out of the house when he refuses an offer for his father's string factory. She only comes back to him upon learning of the auction for the valuable house he's staying at, having the audacity to cuss out Ernie when the house nearly sells for eight million just before the bid goes up; she ultimately makes off with one of the millionaires, not giving a second thought of Lars.