"Facing yourself no matter how tough things get, and keeping up the fight, that's what games are really about!"

  • Anzu

Anzu Mazaki or Téa Gardner (4Kids dub) is a close friend of Yugi Muto and a character from Kazuki Takahashi's manga and anime Yu-Gi-Oh! She is a duelist like her other friends however she is rarely seen dueling anyone she seems to be more of an escort. She is often by Yugi's side along with Katsuya Jonouchi, Hiroto Honda and Ryou Bakura as part of his regular group of friends. Though Anzu has only ever participated in a grand total of three high stakes duels she has in-fact won every one of them, though all were considered close calls.


Anzu was first introduced as she was saved by Yami Yugi while blindfolded and has since tried to uncover his true identity. Her search had brought her close to Yugi Muto and has since been trying to help him make sense of his millennium puzzle. Through-out the manga she deal with numerous delinquents at school and tries to help Yugi avoid the wrong sorts of students. Anzu has been taught about how to play the Duel Monsters game b Yugi, however she has less skill for it than he does and similar to her friend, Bakura, views it as little more than an amusing hobby at first. Over time Anzu comes to the conclusion that the duels Yugi and Jonouchi play are not just games, tests of skill or even mystically importance as much as they are vital tests of character based on the choices one can make and how quickly things can shift.

Anzu spends her spare time watching her friends practice Duel Monsters at Sugoroku Muto's hobby shop and has picked-up a little just from the experiences. Though at first Anzu's primary concern was to figure out the identity and nature of Yami Yugi she has long since become primarily focused on Yugi's safety instead. As the story progresses and Yugi's adventures take him to more far-out locations such as around the city, to private islands and even to Egypt, Anzu always make's sure to remain by Yugi's side to watch-out for him.


Like, Bakura, Anzu is often the voice of reason and councils her friends to approach a situation with great care so as not to put themselves in unnecessary danger. Anzu has had a crush on Yami Yugi but it appears to have some-what shifted to Yugi Muto instead. Despite her usual trepidation, Anzu will throw caution to the wind if one of her friends is in trouble, at which point she is all too glad to endorse a decisive course of action.


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