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Antoine Thomas, also known as The King of Cuisine, is one of the psychopaths in the video game; Dead Rising 2. He is usually the first boss that Chuck Greene encounters throughout the game.

Dead Rising 2

When Chuck meets Antoine, he appears to be making food. When Chuck notifies him of his arrival, Antoine mistakes Chuck for a food critic, coming to taste his food. However, Chuck sees what Antoine is using as ingredients: survivors. When Chuck comments on Antoine's food, saying "Who the hell would want to eat THIS?!", Antoine becomes infuriated, grabs a meat cleaver and then swings it at Chuck Greene. Antoine fights with Pans, Kitchen Knives, and Plates. From time to time, Antoine will retreat and eat food that's scattered throughout the restaurant, but doing so leaves him vulnerable to any attacks. After Antoine is defeated, he slips head first into a vat of boiling hot grease, burning him and killing him.