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Anti-Sparky is the Anti-Fairy counterpart of Sparky who only appeared in the episode "Man's Worst Friend." He is voiced by Maddie Taylor.

After seeing how much hapiness Sparky brought to the Turner family, Foop decided to replace Sparky with Anti-Sparky in order to make them miserable. During his stay with the Turner family, Anti-Sparky constantly harassed them, destroying Mr. Turner's new grill, signing up Timmy to pick up trash, and injuring Mrs. Turner, causing her to have to stay in a full body cast. He also harassed Foop, warning him to not look them in the eye or raise his voice and constantly threatened him. Once Foop finally gained the courage to speak up to Anti-Sparky, he retaliated by eating him. Later, when Timmy found out he wasn't the real Sparky, Cosmo kicked him, causing him to throw up Foop, the Johnsons, and their wands that he had eaten earlier. They soon poofed him back to Anti-Fairy World while Foop was punished by the Anti-Fairy Council for failing to complete the mission.