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Anlucia is a character in Dragon Quest X.


  • Japanese Name: アンルシア, 勇者姫アンルシア
  • Class: Heroine
  • Aka: Hero Princess Anlucia


For Grands Dora's Princess, Contemporary's Brave, Gran Zenith's God's Vessel. Molar's mole is characteristic. Mainly fight with Rapier and Shield. I was born with Disposition of Brave, but I was not informed about Brave 's Disposition to protect it from Devil, and grew up as Brother Toma' s Allies. Eventually I will go to Battle with Devil with Tema, but I could not battle to Zeldrad's Overwhelming Power, killed Toma and survived by Falcyon's hand, I closed my Memory as Brave and lost my brother at Sorrow who lost Brother I was picked up and living in a false Melsandy Village as Mishua. but, as directed by Crows and Toma's Soul, I head to Three Gate's Official Residence and take action with Hero. Retrieve Memory in that Process, Awakening as BravePrincess and knock down Devil Brave Anlucia. After that, you can return to the true Lendacia under the cooperation of Crows, order the true Lendacia 's search to Hero who is Allies, witness that Brother Toma became Devil at Great Satan Madesagora' s Power, and hurt Heart. Still continue acting as Brave, in Rushenda's guidance with Hero "Power of King Family Labyrinth" to power and battle Victory with Army of Great Satan Madesagora. When invited to Six Races Festival, it is taken away with Raguas for the purpose of Protection from Nadiah's hand by Hero's Brother. After that Arashi's Territory at Hero and Reunion, but Brainwashing Husa robbed Power, Raguas, Fula, Husa and falls in the hands of Nadiah. Discovery, Protection is done to Hero who collapses with Hero 's Brother at Nadraga Cult Great Temple. Revive Hero killed by Orstov with Special Power with God's Vessel and others. In the game against Wicked Dragon Nadraga, it appeared at the call of Gran Zenith and gave Power to Sword of Conviction. After the incident, we refuse Myself 's Immature and decide to replace Heart and return to Grands Dora Kingdom without fail.



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