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Andy Johnson is a 9-year-old boy who owns friend and pet squirrel, Rodney J. Squirrel. Andy usually follows what Rodney thinks is, "a good idea," which usually gets Andy into trouble. At times, though, Andy will be the mastermind of these foolish plans. Sometimes they get into arguments, but they always work it out. They also have their own secret language. Mr. Bob Johnson and Mrs. Lucille Johnson are his parents. Kyle Finkster is Andy's nemesis. Oscar is his human friend, who is protected by his parents from getting dirty or hurt. Andy loves to collect combs and is a Badger Scout. He is on a Little League team called The Fighting Worms, which is coached by Mr. J. (later by Rodney). He is allergic to cashews. In more than one episode, he is shown to have obsessive-compulsive disorder, stating he is "making a new ritual," or "just touching all the light switches in the house before going to bed." His neighbor, Martha, has shown some signs that she has a crush on him in the episodes she appears in: "Outta Sight," "Birthday Boy," and "Trouble Date." "Outta Sight" shows some signs of her affection, but she shows it toward him in the episode "Trouble Date." He seems quite interested in many things, and has a good special sauce. He was named after the former U.S. President Andrew Johnson. His grandma has been said to have given his family a few things before she mysteriously vanished.