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Tennessee Johnson is a 1942 Biopic about him. It's mostly in line with the old pro-Confederate "Lost Cause" mythology. Protests from black rights groups caused MGM to reshoot some scene before releasing the film, changing Thaddeus Stevens from Card-Carrying Villain to Well-Intentioned Extremist. It was progress... sort of.Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States. He cared for others and was responsible for many good things, including expanding America's territory (including the sate of Florida), introducing the Tariff act in 1832, and providing the people with laws they wanted rather than leaving everything up to congress. He however also had a darker side; he was involved in the Trail of Tears where he abused the constitution and caused a genocide. This was despite having personally fought alongside numerous Cherokee alies during the wars. Also he invaded South Carolina when the state opposed his Tariff act, forcing them to compromise. 60,000 Cherokee alone were killed during his "Indian" Removal Act which he were bent on enacting.

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