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Whose side are you on? — Said by a child which is allegedly Ananta as described in an ancient legend.”Ananta is an odd, unclassified humanoid who is mysterious to those who wish to know more about him at Shiramu Inc.. While it is speculated that Ananta is Ultima's son, at the same time, this would require the mother to be an equally powerful, Satanic type Demon from the Infernal Void, and biologically, this is currently impossible until a female of such a category of demon is ever identified to exist. Alternately, Ananta could instead be the son of either Zenith or Darigus, although their physical compositions would make it impossible for Ananta's three choice of forms to even remotely be among the mysterious child's powers. Apparently originating from the same world that Sirryu originates from, Ananta serves as a replacement deity for Sirryu and his composite form of Genesis for whenever Sirryu and co. are not present in their own native realm and are currently in Ultimoria. Due to how insanely powerful Ananta is known to be in the video game realm from which he and Sirryu originate from, Ananta is physically incapable of entering Ultimoria because of the fact Ananta has far too many powers that cannot properly be recreated in Ultimoria as they exist in his own realm. His two forms have separate names, but while the Seraphim Wyvern shares it's name with the rest of it's species, Infernalis has a separate name from what his species is in comparison, although it's a synonym for his species's name at the same time.

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