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"These cowards don't deserve their freedom!"

  • Amon

Amon (known as "the bad sheep" in English) is a renegade sheep that was a part of Mayor Len's flock of sheep and appeared in the episode Sheepwrecked. Amon ran away after the traumatizing time when the king tried to eat him. After spending much time isolated and surviving in the harsh and unforgiving wilderness (where he strangely got the ability to talk and turn into a monster from a bolt of lighting), Amon returned to Cappy Town and preached to all the sheep that they are mere fodder for the Cappies, and that they have had nothing to live for beyond being killed and eaten by the Cappies. Amon turns the sheep against the Cappies and makes them act like a pack of hungry wolves.

With an entire army sheep causing chaos around the town, the Cappies are forced to fall back to Dedede's Castle. Having forced all the Cappies to retreat to the castle, Amon then speaks down to them and tells them how cruel they are being to their flocks. Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff stand up for the Cappies. Now completely enraged, Amon turns into a monster and goes after Kirby. Amon attacks by shooting his sharp horns which can vigorously spin around like drills. Kirby gets the chance to inhale some spikes, and transform into Needle Kirby.

Kirby fires needles but they bounce off Amon's strong, thick wool. Realizing Kirby may need some help, Tiff blows into the Shepard's whistle, forcing to bring the other sheep back to their senses. With the sheep back to their peaceful selves, Amon decides to stop the pointless fighting and turns back to normal. Later on during sunset, Amon watches the sheep graze in Mayor Len's fields and says that they're too foolish to be helped. Amon returns to his home in the desert in hopes to find a flock that shares the same views he does.


  • Amon's monster form is one of the few monsters that can talk.
  • Amon could possibly be named after Amon (or Amun), an Ancient Egyptian ram god.
  • Amon is also the name of a demon associated with the sin of wrath or hate. This is another possible reference to his name as he is very hateful toward the Cappies.


"You have done well. Dream Land is now at our mercy. But we will show no mercy! We will conquer this planet, my friends... and soon, the entire universe!"

  • Amon, to the other sheep