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Ami Aiba is a Female Protagonist of Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth.


HN is "AI ◎ BA", Girl who is a member of the membership system Chat managed by Blue Box (Arata). He is interested in guiding the mysterious Hacker and goes to Net Slum “Coulomb” with Nokia Shiramine and Arata Sanada. Journalist's Mother Yukino Aiba had already been transferred to School, where he was going to go abroad, but was postponed because of the incident. Basically, it has a small number of words (speaking is an option), but whether it is particular about food or not, it's lingering at Monologue during the meal. The expression is rich. Even though Digimon Capture was installed at Coulomb and became Hacker, it failed to return to the original body due to a failure caused by contact with the eater, and it was ejected to Real World in a semi-digital state. By the guidance of Kyoko Kuremi who passed by chance, he succeeded in gathering Avatar Parts that looked like him at Coulomb and repairing the minimum appearance. After that, in order to regain his original body, he will follow Kyoko's invitation and follow the mysterious case as “Cyber Detective”. By becoming semi-digitalized, it has a special ability called “Connect Jump”, and if it is an accessible cyberspace, it can intrude its own body regardless of location. There is still a place where people can connect jump, but there's no reason to make a fuss (although it's strange for the first time people see it). The original Boby is in a coma due to EDEN syndrome and remains asleep at Central Hospital. In addition, it is not thought that it is the same person because it exists at the same time in the turn. In fact, Nokia, Arata, Yuuko and Yuugo Kamishiro are childhood friends and victims of an incident that occurred eight years ago. While participating in EDEN's beta test, he suddenly visits Digital World through Digital Gate, but Eater suddenly attacks. With Yuugo becoming a trap, he managed to escape. These were forgotten due to the treatment given by Akemi Sueido, but for some reason Memory was revived after repeated contact with the Ether containing Memory at that time. As a result of several connect jumps to Eater to rescue the humans captured by Eater, the existence of the half-Cyber body has received a lot of damage and is gradually becoming unable to maintain the body. Then, the limit is reached by connecting jump to rescue Yuugo and Suedou captured by Mother Eater in Final Battle, and Data is scattered on the way from Digital World to Real World. However, with the help of Ami Aiba under the guidance of Alphamon, we succeeded in returning to the original Body by reconstructing and installing from the data of Digimon who continued to accumulate that data, and with the original Kyoko in the restored / reverted World Reunite.

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