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Alyssa Enrile is the White Tiger Ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force. Alyssa is feisty, kind, clever, and polite with a sense of humor.


Alyssa is the kind, nurturing member of the group. When any Ranger is injured, she is right there tending to their wounds. Alyssa tries to diffuse any tension between team members. Being a kindhearted young woman, Alyssa often is in the position of peacekeeper.

In the early days of the team, Alyssa tried to keep peace between Cole and Taylor who would have conflicting ideas on what was best for the team. She would cook for them and even read stories to Danny and Max, the Black and Blue Rangers respectively.

There have been a few hints that Alyssa may have a crush on Cole, however this is unconfirmed. When Alyssa wasn't fighting Orgs, she stayed active by riding her bike to school and taking dance classes at Turtle Cove University, where she has a scholarship for perfect GPA.

Alyssa was trained in the martial arts by her father Mr. Enrile, who is a renowned martial arts instructor. He intended for her to eventually take over running his school, and was heartbroken when Alyssa decided to move to Turtle Cove and attend Turtle Cove University. One day when he visited his daughter, he was proud to discover that not only was she a Ranger, but she had excelled in the martial arts he taught her. As a result, he accepted her decision to continue her education.

She later helped Cole find out about the death of his parents Richard and Elizabeth Evans by cross-referencing his picture. She was involved when the Wild Force Rangers teamed up with the Time Force Rangers, and she battled the Putrids alongside Jen; the Pink Time Force Ranger, using the Chrono Blasters.


  • Mr. Enrile (father)
  • Mrs. Enrile (mother)