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Alpha Nu Gamma, shortened to just Alpha Nu, is the most popular sorority at Temple High University and the antagonistic organization of the re-imagined film, The Initiation of Sarah. Only the most popular or luckiest girls are granted sisterhood. It is led by its president, Corrine and vice-president Esme. Sarah's mother and Trina Goodwin, her stepmother, were also admitted in the sorority.


Alpha Nu is, in truth, a sect dedicated to serving Evil with the help of manufactured magic given to them by The Eternal Flame, in exchange of continous sacrifices of goats and virgins. Their goal during the movie is to sacrifice a powerful being that could disrupt the balance of the continous fight of Good vs Evil to their favor; a being called The One. At first, this being was thought to be Sarah's mother. Unfortunately for them, she was not; it just happened she was pregnant, so Corrine now suspects is one of her products.


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