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Alison DiLaurentis is the main antagonist of the fifth season of the ABC Family original series "Pretty Little Liars". She is the main antagonist of the book series and is "A", however, in the series she has just became a full on villain. She is arguably the true main antagonist of the series, due to her bullying being what caused the creation of "A" in the first place.


When Mona Vanderwaal is revealed to be "A", she is sent to Radley sanitarium for treatment. Here, a blonde girl in a red coat takes over the "A" game and becomes the captain of the "A" team. Throughout the third season this blonde would appear to the Liars and sneak off before being caught. It wasn't until the season three finale that they caught their first glimpse. And the person under the hood is Alison DiLaurentis. She tells the Liars that she wants to come home but can't due to "A" but after Shana Fring is revealed to be "A" she comes back. In the 100th episode, The Liars realized that "A" wasn't gone and Shana wasn't the real "A" and in the finale Mona Vanderwaal figured it out. She called Aria and revealed to her that Alison herself was "A" and that she had proof. But before she could show them the proof, a blonde in a black hoodie breaks into her home and kills her. It is currently unknown if Alison is "A" or not.