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Alice Minazuki is a Main Protagonist of the Alice In Cyberland.


  • Birthday: June 8
  • Sign: Gemini
  • Blood Type: A

Voice Actor

Yoko Asaba


Miskatonic Academy Middle School 2nd Year Class F. He has a father, David Moulton, an Englishman who was the centerpiece of the early development of Cyber Land. Currently living together in Mother and Apartment due to divorce. During the Battle (Anime Episode 1) with the rogue Cyber Naxt called Wolf, he met the ultimate Dive System "Lucia" and gained power that no one could beat as a Diver. In order to protect Father's leftover Dive System and the hands of those who try to abuse Cyber Land, we are playing "ALICE-3" together with Close Friend's Rena Otori and Juri Yagami at Cyber Land. At first glance, it looks like a perfect superhuman with excellent grades and good looks, but he is not a conscious person, he is not good at exercise and likes sweet sweets, a normal girl of some natural type. The rotation of the head is very fast, but there is also a tendency to get absorbed when it is a mechanical geek. Moreover, although the person himself is not aware, he also tends to be sexually perverted. In the future I want to be a programmer or a doctor. It seems that she is not good at cooking, and she usually uses retort foods and convenience store bento because her mother is away.


Miskatonic Academy Middle School Uniform

Cyber form