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Alice is the main protagonist and heroine in the season 5 episode "My Old House". She was portrayed by Olivia Steele-Falconer.


Alice was really upset that she had to move away from her "house", unlike her parents she had an actual relationship with her house. Her parents tried to explain to her why change can be both good and scary as house heard as well, but ignored the lecture.

On the next day, Alice and her family moved into their new home much to Alice's disappointment as she refused to set-up her new room while staring at an old photo of her and the House. That night she she began to have a nightmare of the House calling her from a far distance telling her to "Come home, Alice". Alice then woke up and began packing all the essentials for tomorrow. 

The next morning, Alice's father wanted to drive her to school, but Alice insisted on walking there herself. After she asked her father's permission Alice was then able to sneak back to her old home and had the House know that it was just her and was allowed inside. She then began to set-up her essentials back into her old house. The House then begins to welcome Alice back with a fireplace and marshmallows. Alice suddenly goes down to memory-lane from when she was little and she first moved in.

Soon the House shuts off the fireplace and Alice goes downstairs to see that her parents (who must've found out that she snuck back into their old house) have arrived, she quickly gathered her essentials and hid inside a closet.

With her parents upset and unable to find her they left the house continuing the search. Once the parents left Alice suddenly realized that if she continues to live without her parents, it'll lead to a sad life and she was finally able to say goodbye to the House, unfortunately the House didn't accept the farewell and now prevented Alice from ever leaving. Alice told the House to let her go.

The House then got upset and began having all the objects go crazy in scaring Alice. The House's red eyes soon popped out and The House was revealed to be actually a giant black snake and ate Alice up...

Later on, a new family had moved in and the new daughter noticed a white face on the wall. The white face showed itself to her- revealing it was Alice's face smiling back at her (Making her part of the house's walls)

The House then said "Welcome!" scaring the new daughter, who might become his next victim in the future...