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Alibaba Saluja (アリババ・サルージャ Aribaba Sarūja) is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the anime/manga series Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic along with Aladdin. He is a kings candidate, the capturer of the djinn Amon, and the former third prince of the Kingdom of Balbadd. He had abandoned his home following a horrific occurrence involving his friend and the death of his father, and when he met Aladdin, he was working as a cart driver for Budel in Qishan. Formerly, he led the Fog Troupe and was also the Prime Minister of the Kou Empire under Empress Kougyoku. He eventually rises to the position of a merchant and the owner of his own business.


Alibaba's Initial Appearance .png

Alibaba is a blonde haired man with pale skin and gold eyes. He has an ahoge on his head which he likely inherited from his father. He wears a large cloak with a rope-like thing around his neck and a long cloak with a knot at the end. As the series progresses, he grows slightly taller and changes his attire multiple times.


Alibaba initially goes above and beyond for his boss and frequently follows the lead of others, but when the going gets tough, he acts on his own code to do the right thing. Alibaba seems to simply want to make friends with Aladdin because of his strange power. However, he quickly made genuine friends with him and offered to join him on an adventure after capturing the dungeon Amon.

Alibaba and Aladdin enjoy going clubbing together. Alibaba, like Aladdin, has a penchant for ladies who are attractive and busty. However, unlike Aladdin, he does not have the best luck with women, as he consistently makes the same mistake of asking for the most beautiful woman in the club and instead get an unattractive muscular lady. Aladdin has mentioned that he isn't popular and that he always has a scowl on his face while sucking his thumb while Aladdin is having fun with busty women.

Alibaba is a someone who accepts people's feelings regardless of who they are or where they are. He enjoys assisting others and deftly navigates challenging situations. However, there is the fact that he can be rash at times as he stormed into the palace at Balbadd without informing anyone and attempted to handle the problem on his own.


Alibaba Past.jpg

Life in the slums

Alibaba spent most of his childhood in the slums. Anise, his mother, was a prostitute and a former king's maid. He spent a lot of time as a kid playing with Cassim and the other kids in the ghetto. Cassim and Mariam were taken in by his mother when their father abandoned them. When Anise died, the golden days of the slums came to an end. Alibaba had to perform odd jobs to make ends meet, while Cassim and his team had to turn to pillaging. When the King of Balbadd, Rashid Saluja, arrived to the slums and explained to Alibaba that his mother was his maid, Alibaba discovered that he was the king's illegitimate son. Cassim noted to Alibaba when he told him the news that Alibaba and he were always different and that Alibaba didn't belong in the slums. Alibaba punched Cassim after hearing his statements. Alibaba then proceeded to the palace, where he was educated in the princely manner.

Life in Balbadd’s palace

Alibaba was trained in a unique technique of swordplay, called Balbadd’s royal swordplay. He was also educated in many different ways and learned the ancient Torran language as well. Years later, Alibaba snuck out of the palace to see the slums, only to discover that they had all vanished. He noticed Cassim and the two shared a drink while speaking. Cassim inquired as to how Alibaba escaped, and Alibaba replied that he used tunnels similar to those seen in their childhood games. Alibaba was summoned to his father's side after returning to the palace and feeling good about apologizing to Cassim. The king was ill. Ahbmad, despite being the eldest and the natural next king, the king told Alibaba that Ahbmad was a sluggish person who easily relied on others and did other countries' biddings. The ill king asked Alibaba to become the new king, claiming that Alibaba was much more of capable a ruler than Ahbmad.



Alibaba Swordplay 1.gif

Balbadd’s Royal Swordplay: A special swordplay he learned while being educated in Balbadd’s palace. This can be seen when he puts his left arm behind his back and his right arm to use his royal sword to attack in high speeds.

Toran Language (Magi).png

Knowledge of High Level: He was taught about various things in the royal palace, including the Torran language.

Magoi Manipulation: It has been a little more difficult for him because he has two types of Magoi inside him (his own Magoi and Cassim's larger Magoi, which he passed on to Alibaba after Cassim's death), and there's a chance that both Magoi will reject each other, killing Alibaba. Alibaba's Magoi united, fused, and became one with Cassim's at the end of a life-or-death combat in the Colosseum against Alibaba's conviction. He is able to engulf the hilt of his sword with his Magoi.

Alibaba's Metal Vessel.gif

Metal Vessel: Alibaba has captured the dungeon of the fire djinn, Amon. He is capable of summoning fire from his sword. He is immune to fire, can absorb fire and use it to strengthen himself, and fire can also be a replacement when he runs out of Magoi.

Amon (Magi).jpg

Amon: Amon is the Djinn of the Etiquette's Stern and Dignified Spirits. Alibaba gained Amon, a Fire Djinn, along with Aladdin and Morgiana, after capturing the Seventh Dungeon.

Alibaba's Household .jpg

Household: Household are close companions of the djinn’s owner and are able to perform abilities of the djinn. The members of Alibaba's Household are Morgiana, who uses his Djinn, Amon, to power the flames of her Household Vessel, Amol Selseila, Olba and Toto whose Household Vessels are Amol Al-Ghamor Ghameq.

Alibaba's Djinn Weapon Equip.gif

Djinn Weapon Equip: In this form, his arms are charcoal black. Alibaba engulfs in flames to gain the Royal Sword of Amon. This sword can cut anything and he can use Amol Dherrsaiqa and Amol Berka.

Alibaba's Djinn Equip.gif

Djinn Equip: Alibaba transforms and has a new form. He has all the previous abilities of his metal vessel and his djinn weapon equip. In addition, he has the ability to now fly and perform his extreme magic, Amol Al-Bador Saiqa.

Alibaba's Hyper Concentration AKA Life Read.jpg

Hyper Concentration: When Alibaba got sent to the different dimension filled with dead people from Alma Torran, time moved differently than it did on Earth. Alibaba had a temporary and different body made of stones that the Alma Torran's magicians have created and given to him. It was heavy and difficult to use, but Alibaba had trained himself to use it. He was in that dimension for nearly 120 or more years, but it has been only roughly 3 years on earth. Because he experiences time differently and has a lighter physique in his normal body, Alibaba can avoid almost anything while focused.


  • Ali Baba (Arabic: علي بابا‎, Alī Bābā), the main character of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves from One Thousand and One Nights, inspired his name.
  • He enjoys reading The Adventures of Sinbad and writing his own adventures in his spare time.
  • He kept his own adventure books a secret. Though he would, read The Adventures of the Great and Handsome Treasure Hunter Alibaba Saluja aloud in a loud, booming voice.
  • He does not dislike any food and his favorite food is roasted Papagoras bird.
  • His weakness is that he puts on weight quickly.
  • His main skill is Balbadd's Royal Swordplay.
  • He enjoys elevating his trading company.
  • "One Step Further" is the name of his character song.
  • Alibaba was originally intended to be a gladiator with a quieter, more somber demeanor. Ohtaka decided against it because she believes she is better at developing more expressive characters.