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"The Disgrace I felt"

Alfred Tremaine is a fictional character from Reawakend: Once Upon a Time Tale; he was the male counterpart of Cinderella .



Scull the evil sister of Fairygodmother sees the happily ever after of Cinderella with she's husband Prince Charming and planned to destroy the life of Cinderella and she magic them onto a twist if a time he makes Cinderella into boy and Prince Charming (Henry Mill) into a girl and Henry Mill is not he's husband anymore the original Prince Charming is being back to girl and Alive again and Henry Mill becomes a girl but coursed by Regina Mills to be a boy and ended to mary a Princess and a child of Aurora and Philip she's name was Lily Audrey and Henry chooses to be with Lily Audrey because he was the future not the past and they're coursed daughter doesn't exist again and also all the Once Opon a Time Character was being back to normal with no more course or other things such as two living character except for Cinderella of risking they're story to be a change gender but the only thing doesn't change that the two living Cinderella character is in the same body again no more two character after the good queen does but good queen turn to evil as usual in the past and Cinderella is now back to were she was born and more evil to it that his feet has been more big and also all the character from Cinderella character will be back again and also the others from the dead character was being back again from every species in human and all except Jesus and Yahweh cause they're the most powerful god ever bit that thing is not a worst it is the good also they're not dead Jesus and Yahweh are not dead and also her father was back again alive because she gave she's gender and feet and aslo her formerly enemy the other Prince Charming (not to be confused of Snow White's Husband) gave he's gender and into back and aslo he's evilness and that makes the Story of Cinderella into boy and Evil Prince Charming (Original Prince and formerly evil) into a girl a happily ever after because to make her mother and father alive and the all the character who died were back into alive and Cinderella's life is being back to zero and Cinderella is being back to her original story in the past and another course she was the first story; but to even to his weak character he has a clever mind which made the story more great and from Cinderella to named as Alfred and he wishes to have a smaller feet to Fairygodmother and he made it but he was living in an afflicted life with his evildoing step-mother Lady Treamaine and step-sis Drizella Tremaine and Anastasia Treamaine and his desire was to leave his miserable life with he's step-mother and step-sisters.



A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (English)

  • Cinderella boy (2019 short film)
  • Cinderella boy 2 (2019 short film)
  • Cinderella boy Part 3:Part 1/2 (2020 short film)
  • Cinderella boy Part 3:Part 2/2 (also known as Descendants:Chaddy daughter of Cinderella boy) (2020 short film)


Reawakened:Once Upon a Time


Alfred Treamaine is a nice and indefatigable teen boy who were living a bad life by her own step-mother Lady Treamaine and also by her step-sisters Drizella Tremaine and Anastasia Treamaine but even to it he is a domineering to his self and his life finally would chnage when he meets Fairygodmother and it became true and that change his life and no more poor life to his.


DVD Release

alt text

It was first released at dvd in April 2020;but it was not available to the other part of the world it's only available at Philippines.

But it was cancelled due to a various reasons and some of the negative aspect from the viewers .

Status- Deceased (Affected through Scull Virus Disease)

Powers and Abilities

  • Communication with Animals
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