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Alexis Oibriakov is a colonel for the USSR . He is a communist and hates the US. He wants Russia to be superior and to win the cold war.


HE was born on a farm in Russia. He was poor and was pulled out of high school to join the USSR to fight during WWII. During WWII he was at the battlefront of Russia and was worried that Nazi Germany would defeat them. But luckily there was snow and he along with USSR troops were to defeat them. Then the USSR got help from the US, UK and Britain to defeat Nazi Germany. When they defeated Nazi Germany they each got to take control of a part of Germany and the he wanted the east part of Germany and make his part bigger than any other part. The US and the USSR were no longer allies and he held a grunge against them, he wanted his country to be superior. Later he also wanted to take control of all eastern Europe and make the communist. This led to the Cold War. He hates democracy and tries to eliminate that. He also has a dislike of Korea and want to spilt them in two. He manipulate them into causing the outbreak of the Korean War. After the Korean War he took control of North Korea and made it communist. He grew a grunge against NATO and made the Warsaw Pact. He built a rocket and sputnik and launched it into space in order to beat the US. He felt like he doesn't have enough control of Germany and he wanted tot take control of Berlin so he built what was known as the Berlin Wall. He along with USSR troops invaded Cuba and put missiles on there, then they had to remove them. He was so upset that he had to remove them that he decided to kill the president of the US JFK. On 11/22/63 he went into a building and sniped JFK killing him. He also had a dislike of Vietnam so he wanted to start a war there. After winning the Vietnam war he turned into a communist country. Later he put a bomb in the Chernobyl plant and denotate it polluting the air. After the collapse of the Berlin Wall he was devastated. He knew the Cold War is going to end. He was trying to quickly build a high tech missile to blew up the US but he was caught. He was executed for his crimes and the Cold War has ended and the USSR has dissolved.