Alessa Gillespie (Played by Maya Papsoe) is a 14 year old suicidal, misunderstood tragic and abused girl, from the movie: Fear of silent hill (memories of alessa) Alessa has never been loved by people, and her classmates keep bullying her because they see her as a witch, she dont have a father and her mother Dahlia Gillespie is abusing her (but never seen on screen) In fear of silent hill alessa is seen in 3 ages. mostly as age 14. but also age 18, and a very short clip age 6. She is also seen with her childhood friend claudia wolf (Played by Matilda Westin)

"Is that a dream? it gotta be. Even a kid could´t believe in that, so when am i going to wake up?" -Alessa to Claudia

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