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Albert Böllemann is one of the five main antagonists in the German comedy movie Didi und die Rache der Enterbten. He's a stuttering iventor who lives together with a parrot called Oskar in a caravan.Like his four other relatives, Emilio is disinherited by his uncle Gustav Böllemann, who bequeathes his wealth to a related gravedigger called Didi Dödel. Manipulated with the sentence that dead people can't inherit any more by the attorney Dr. Prätorius, Albert plans to kill Didi so he and the other four inheritors (the fifth one, Titus, suffocated because of an ananas) can share the money among them. He lies a lighter on the street which is found by Didi. That was what Albert wanted, because the lighter is actually a trecking device which sends a signal to his caravan. Albert sends a rocket called "Alpha 1" which follows the signal, but crashes into a figure from the ghost train. Then, Albert sends "Alpha 2", but Didi crawls under the carawan because he tries to escape Emilio Böllemann. While this, the lighter gets lost under the caravan. Albert tries to get it, meanwhile the rocket crashes his caravan and causes an explosion that kills him. Later, his parrot Oskar is shown to be alive.


Albert was played by Dieter Hallervorden, like all antagonists except Dr. Prätorius.Albert's name and appearance are based on Albert Einstein.

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