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Allanon is a fictional character from the Shannara series of novels by Terry Brooks. In the series' timeline, he first appeared in First King of Shannara, the first book in the series, although First King of Shannara was published much later than the first book in the series to be published, The Sword of Shannara, in which Allanon played a pivotal role, as well as the other books in the original trilogy.Allanon is described as seven feet tall, with a booming voice and a hooded cowl which covers his disturbingly penetrating eyes. He is the adopted son of Bremen of the Druidic Order, and he carries on his father's legacy as last of the Druids, preserving the knowledge of ancient times, but knowing that it is dangerous.Because of this he is enigmatic and secretive, he appears only when needed, passing decades in a form of suspended animation called Druid sleep. He often calls on the aid of the Ohmsford family, the inheritors of the magic of Jerle Shannara, yet he is never completely honest with his companions. His words, which are few, are clouded in half-truths; his friends are always on a "need-to-know" basis.  Some think he as the greatest of the Druids and the last Druid of the 2nd order.

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