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Alan from Turbo Grafx CD (PC Engine CD-ROM2) La Valeur.jpg

Alan is a Main Protagonist of Magic Crystal Tradition: La Valeur.


Boy jumped out the hometown to the training of the Sword. Also it is short immature training period, but would have become surely burly swordsman by the time this adventure is over.

Is tied to the Original (PC-8801) Version in the Ending of Fetishia, but became Vesugaros king, Turbo Grafx CD (PC Engine CD-ROM2) Version of it that's Ending it becomes to break hit the two Razanium, it rang and only look at the Crumbling Zanteria CastleI have had.


Alan hear The wind whisper the rumor It advances to the west The ends of the earth to the country of Since it is still performed magic If dream that govern the country Find the stone of legend

Magic stone handed down from antiquity It lead to miracle Razanium ... It's spun out a wonder Since witch shake cane ...

Stone of legend Le Sierre Mysterious force fulfill the wishes of the owner Whatever the hand if evil in superable The Moteasobi the fate of the people To give grief a desire Joy evil in the shining because ...

Alan aim the west of the End To Vesugaros seeking stone of legend

Dominated upcoming deep forest of darkness And dispelled the lush under Students Alan is Going

Embroidery drifts to get closer towns Among the dead beast People were extinct breath They are torn up to beast It has been eating Mugotarashik vandalized

Or ominous omen? To Sai End of Vesugaros? I wonder if that calamity is extend?

Alan shudder Looming in front to see it Look at the mountains towering and covered in dark clouds He did not even have a sword

Rich green grows earth The land of grace that has been blessed by the gods Of Sai result there Vesugaros Negative too things began now

People are plowing the fields Witch shake a stick Mysterious power of Razanium becomes magic spell Dream of Dowamake is looking for treasure while making a weapon Elves are singing in the forest and gathering

Razanium it is not only just here Can it cause a magic spell that you know Tell nice ancient is to mouth from the mouth It tells that there is a large crystal in Razanium Large crystal that can be dominated also the country It has hidden a large force

Yet everyone did not see Yet I did not believe anyone

It had started out that everyone unexpected notice Evil plot is ...

Nobody stopped by not cave is closed to the darkness Secret monsters are wandering It has started growing among the darkness

Elf Queen Lorient It was late when she noticed

Monsters attacking the people Monsters attacking the village Great castle even ...

Yuku perish the royal family, which boasts the glory Caught Chased the castle Deprived of life Wandering I was wandering as a traveler

To gather every night witch It is good for those who forgo melancholy face the country and what is no way to eggplant



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