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Al McWhiggin is the main antagonist of the Pixar

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sequel Toy Story 2. He is a greedy toy collector who stole Woody and wanted to sell him and the rest of the Roundup Gang to the Konishi toy museum in Tokyo, Japan. He has his own store called Al's Toy Barn, where he is the manager and has an alter-ego called the Chicken Man who appears on the Al's Toy Barn advertisements, to which Hamm and Rex consider annoying. He is voiced by Wayne Knight.


  • Al's voice actor Wayne Knight (best known for portraying Newman on Seinfeld) ironically had a beard when voicing him. Knight would later voice Zurg in the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command animated series.
  • Al's last name was shown on the desk in his office.
  • Al was at one point mentioned in the first Toy Story.

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