Akumaro Sujigarano is the secondary antagonist in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Previously sealed away within the bottom of the Sanzu River, the overflowing energy of Dokoku Chimatsuri due to a summer-increase in power gave him the energy to re-emerge on the surface. He is able to create monsters called Kirigami by performing actual kirigami, as well as has a specific army of Ayakashi loyal only to him.


Emerging from the bottom of the Sanzu River, Akumaro offers his aid to Doukoku, who leaves him with what would later become a weak spot in his left shoulder region. Akumaro starts setting up markers and recruits Fuwa Juzo and Dayu Usukawa into his service to make use of them. Eventually found out to be using Doukoku for his own agenda, Akumaro falls back after Doukoku nearly destroys him.

However, with Doukoku resting, Akumaro takes over the Rokumon Junk as he completes the final marker to open up Hell and finishing Uramasa's repairs. Akumaro is left with nothing when he realizes Juzo can not complete the Urami Gandogaeshi and goes into an enraged fury and his first life is taken by the Shinkengers' Rekka Daizantou and Super Mougyu Bazooka. After becoming a giant, Akumaro took everything the Shinkengers had until a combination of all 12 of their Origami (the Samurai Ha-Oh combination armed with the Kyoryu Origami) finally put him downand he laughs because his desire has been granted.

Akumaro's demise


A master of the black arts, Akumaro can create monsters called Kirigami by performing an act also known as kirigami. He also uses his fan and talons as weapons.


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