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Akane Cyrielle is Delta Vice-Leader (with Medical Specialist qualifications) in Daybrooke International school. A Japanese girl who was born in USA.


Originally from Japan but moved to California due to her father's job at the age of 5. Later on, her parents were murdered in their California home. Her mother was killed in front of her. During the scenario the killer pushed her aside when she tried to escape, causing her to fall from the first floor. Left her with a height phobia.

Later was found by the Chief Inspector, who was passing by, after hearing the sound of the gunshot. Adopted by the Chief after he found out that she has no other relatives while investigating her background. The chief has a son and a daughter, both whom are really nice to her and love her like their own little sister. But the chief's wife seems to hate her for certain reasons which causes Akane to sometimes get tortured a lot when she's alone in the house. When the chief found out about what his wife had done to her, he sent her to his mother's house for safety. At the age of 11, she learn how to use dagger and small stone to be used for throwing and aiming from his brother's friend who was in police department for her safety.

After a few years living with her foster grandparents, she recieved an invitation letter from Daybrooke International School. Something in the letter had caught her interest and so she decided to enroll. She thought that by entering the school, it will be safe for her to hide there.


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