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AiAi is the main character and protagonist of the Super Monkey Ball series. He is the husband of MeeMee and father of Baby. His old rival in the classic Super Monkey Ball is GonGon, who now is his best friend. He loves bananas and always thinks about them, and is even willing to go on adventures for them. AiAi is the leader of the Super Monkey Ball team.


AiAi bears similar resemblance to a barbary macaque. He has a short stubby tail, brown fur, and wears an orange T-shirt with the letter A on it. Starting with [./ Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz], he wears a backpack.

Role in Games

AiAi is a long-time resident of [./ Jungle Island]. There, he resides with his wife [./ MeeMee] and son [./ Baby]. He is given his magical powers starting in Super Monkey Ball to try and make it to [./ Banana Island] before [./ GonGon], who is AiAi's rival at the time, does. By the time Super Monkey Ball 2's events come along, he and AiAi are best friends and the four stop [./ Dr. Bad-Boon] from stealing all the bananas.