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Agent Trout is the main antagonist of We Bare Bears: The Movie. He is a Agent from the National Wildlife Control who wants to restore the "natural order" by separating the bears.


He is a tall, middle-aged adult man with grey hair and glasses. He wears a black business suit with a blue tie and black leather gloves along with a tan trenchcoat adorned with a police badge on the coat.


Trout is a biased and prejudiced individual who looks down on the Bears as wild savage beasts that can't fit into human society and makes it his goal to send the Bears to a wildlife preserve. He makes this ideal clear by using brute force to capture the Bears and even comes close to separating the Bear brothers by shipping Panda to China and Ice Bear to Alaska. He later forces Grizz into a cage with several other endemic bears and shows immense pleasure in taunting Grizz. He has a xenophobic ideal that nature has an order and will use abuse and violence to show it as shown when he is willing to tase the Bears at the facility. When the bear facility gets caught up in the wildfire and Grizz, Panda, Ice, and the other Bears try to stack up in order to escape, Trout uses the Bears to escape from the wildfire onto the helicopter and attempts to leave the Bears to die, showing immense sadistic satisfaction in his actions. This leads to his downfall at the hands of a disgusted Officer Murphy, which resulted in his arrest.


  • Although Agent Trout is the main antagonist of the television film, he is shown to be the most dangerous enemy that the Bears ever faced.
  • Trout is the common name for a number of freshwater fish and are the main food source for brown bears.
  • This also explains with Agent Trout's main conflict with the Bears and his willingness to commit murder to get rid of them.
  • Agent Trout is similar to Norm, as their actions involve destroying the natural order of nature for their own selfish agenda. However, Agent Trout is proven to be more dangerous than Norm, or any human villain the Bears encountered, with Barry as an exception, as Trout was willing to burn down a forest and kill the Bears to "maintain" the natural order of nature.
  • He is the final antagonist of the series.
  • He is easily comparable and references to Dr. Zander Rice from Logan.
  • She is so similar to The Baron from Rapunzel Tangled Adventure, as main antagonist of We Bare Bears: The Movie, who was defeated by Bears did like who was defeated by Rapuzel.