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Abe is a character who appears in the Whirl: Leo and Friends segment, "Best of Strangers". He is Gabe's cousin. He is voiced by Josh Stifter.

About Abe

Gabe enters the sub-basement of the First Second Church where Leo is and asks if he can borrow his copter. He grants him his permission and asks what the purpose of it is. Gabe says he wants to play with it and show it off to his cousin, Abe, who is supposed to be visiting his home where Abe will stay for the next three weeks while his parents are on a hooneymoon. Leo says that three weeks is a long time. Gabe is excited about this and he talks about when Abe visited five years earlier. He mentions a few things that they share, have in common (like each being a only child), and considers him as the brother he never had. Gabe considers having Abe as his cousin a blessing. Leo tells Gabe he's glad for him. Gabe takes the copter and heads outside to wait for Abe. When Abe arrives in Active Acres by bus, Gabe is surprised to find that he's not quite the same as he's expected. Since he last saw Abe, he's grown five inches and three shoe sizes, as he mentioned the growth spurt he had to Gabe when Gabe mentions how he's grown. Abe brought along two pet birds and is playing a game on his cellphone, to which his eyes are glued. Abe tells Gabe he prefers his birds to other people, as they don't judge him. Gabe tells Abe he can put the birds in the living room, but Abe says they stay in the same room as he does. That night, Abe is asleep, but his loud snoring keeps Gabe awake. The next day, a sleep-deprived Gabe returns Leo's copter, telling him he can have it back, as he doubts he'll need it now. When Leo asks him what's wrong, Gabe tells him that Abe isn't the same cousin he knew a few years ago. When Leo asks how old Abe is now, Gabe replies, "thirteen". Leo says that's a tumultuous age. Because Abe is now "a weird, mopey teenager", as Gabe mentions, the latter no longer relates to him. Leo tells Gabe that he should just give him some space so that he's given time to open up more and reconnect. When Leo asks Gabe if he knows why he uses the sub-basement of the church as a lab, Gabe asks if it's so he can do his mad scientist thing. Leo tells him no, that it's because he wants to have time to himself and be free from his younger siblings for a while. Although he still loves them just the same, he says that they drive him crazy at times and sometimes he just needs a break from them. Gabe takes Leo's advice and mentions one thing he and his cousin have in common currently is a mustache. Leo asks Gabe, "You have a mustache?", and Gabe says he's starting to grow one. It seems that Leo's advice worked, as in the end credits, Gabe and Abe are shown in Gabe's room, spending time together playing the game on their phones.

Physical Appearance

Abe is a slim and tall teenager. He and his clothes are various shades of green. He has pine green eyes; shoulder-length, grasshopper green hair; a light, thin, mustache; and wears a fern green cap with a lime green square on the front sideways, the visor is a grasshopper shade of green. His skin is pale green, he wears a fern green shirt with a lime green pocket, and dark green pants.


Abe is originally aloof, strange, self-absored, and antisocial, preferring to be isolated from other people. He's concerned about others judging him. But after some time, he becomes less of all these traits.


  • Best of Strangers