"Now you feel like talking?"

Aachi (아치) is one of the three main protagonists on the South Korean 2006 film Aachi & Ssipak.

He is best friends with Ssipak and sells out Juicybars to become rich.



During the film production, the character Aachi had somehow taken inspiration from the appearance of a child who always went to the club where the production team often goes to; the character name was derived from Yangachi 양아치 (just without the "Yang" 양 and prepending another "a" 아 to it).


Physical appearance

Aachi is a short street hoodlum with spiky red hair, with gold ring earring, wearing yellow-shade glasses, white sleeveless shirt, dark and light green stripes pants, and wore sandals.


Aachi & Ssipak

Aachi and Ssipak makes their appearance, as driving in their motorcycles with having juicybars before, with Aachi running over a Diaper Gang, and tells Ssipak if he was faster than him by calling him a slowpoke, which Ssipak calls him a betcha and drives faster which Aachi dislikes it as they catch up together to the shit city.

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