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ROB the Robot is the 100th episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd.


AVGN- ROB the Robot

AVGN: ROB the Robot

The Nerd is tired of playing shitty games. After choosing a game (by randomly throwing a pen behind his back), finds out that the game Gyromite, one of the NES classics. After finding out that the first player controls the player-character and the second player controls obstacles, R.O.B comes in and say he'll play. After getting all of the accessories to play the game, they finally start playing, only making the Nerd angry. The Nerd suggests that they play a different game, but the only other game R.O.B wants to play is Stack-Up. After playing Stack-Up, the Nerd gets tired and wants to play a different game, but the only games R.O.B. wants to play are Gyromite and Stack-Up. The Nerd gets mad, but R.O.B. makes all of the controllers in the room come to life and pull the Nerd to to the ground. R.O.B. then explains that after the Video Game Crash, Nintendo made R.O.B. to get rid of all the bad games (by replacing them with Gyromite and Stack-Up). The controllers electrocute the Nerd, seemingly killing him. R.O.B then goes into the Nerd's TV, growing large and then attacks the city. However, the Nerd won't allow R.O.B. to destroy all of the shitty games. The Nerd dons his NES Accessory battle suit, grows large, and fights R.O.B. The Nerd manages to blast R.O.B.'s batteries, destroying him. The Nerd shrinks to normal size to find all of the games returning to normal. As the video ends, the camera zooms in on Simon's Quest, the very first game the Nerd reviewed.