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A-ko Magami is the main protagonist of the Project A-ko franchise.

A-ko is a 16-year-old red-haired, sailor-suited teenage girl who seems to be near invulnerable with superhuman speed and strength, is the heroine of the series and lives in Graviton City, Japan. A-ko is usually cute, friendly and cheerful. She tries to lead a normal life, and spends a lot of time on clothes, a part-time job and romance in the sequels. She loves cute things, like bunny earrings, stuffed animals and flowers, especially her most adorable sailor suit. However, despite her cuteness and beauty, she does have a fiery temper. She also has a large appetite and a tendency to oversleep on school days. She and C-ko are both transfer students to Graviton High, but wear their former school's sailor-style uniform for most of the film. However, her school uniform was later became her sailor-suited battle uniform. She has an athletic figure and thick red hair that falls past her shoulders. She is dressed in her iconic battle outfit, which is a white middy blouse with a sailor collar, red scarf, black armbands, blue skirt, knee-high white socks, and black Mary Jane shoes; She gains her magical armbands that gives her ultra magical powers.

In Project A-ko: FINAL, A-Ko does not appear in the film until 34 minutes, as the film shifts its main focus to A-ko, she bursts out of the floor in her sailor-suited battle outfit during the wedding, as she and B-ko are ready for battle. At the end, A-ko and B-ko are finally became best friends forever. After A-ko wearing her sailor-suited battle uniform, B-ko carries A-ko using her flying battlesuit, blasts off and flies up into the night sky. Two of them flies up into the earth's upper atmosphere, higher, and higher, and into the outer space. Now, A-ko and B-ko are eventually stay in space as two of them became the intergalactic defenders of the galaxy.