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I wasn't given a name. But my boss and creator called me 81. -81

81 is one of the main protagonists in the OFF Fangame/Spin-OFF called Unload. He was sent by his creator to investigate a mysterious hole in the sky. In the end, the said ripple was actually a portal, and 81 ended up in the Unknown File. After discovering, he wishes to go home respectfully.


81 takes the appearance of a tall clone and somewhat looks like a baseball player in a way. His attire is a striped shirt with a circled star on the left side of his chest, some baggy pants, and a pair of small, black boots. He also wears a red baseball helmet, but will appear as white sometimes.


81 is an opened-minded person though can take things seriously at times. He seems to have common sense and is fairly decent at solving puzzles and such.

Although he is mainly cool, there are times where he can explode with tempter. He also seems vindictive.

Overall, 81 is caring, and occasionally jokes around.