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2 is one of the main characters of the Tim Burton animated film "9".2 is the creative portion of the Scientist's personality. He is also the very first one to befriend 9. He is voiced by Martin Landau.

2 is depicted as fearless with an inquisitive personality, and is a good friend of 5. Due to his excursions through the wastelands, his body has sustained much wear and tear, making him frail and delicate. He uses a candle-lit helmet to help him see better. 2's leather skin is fastened with many knotted strings. Producer Shane Acker describes him as a "salty old dog."

He is the first to die and his corpse was used as part of The Seamstress's trap. After fighting the Seamstress, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 set up a funeral for him by bringing his body to a fountain.