Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Batman #700
Created by Grant Morrison
In-story information
Alter ego January Max
I don't invent. I inovent.

2-Face-2 is a villain of the future who uses gimmicks from past Batman villains. He has a tumorous second face growing out of his own that has its own malignant personality, literally giving him two faces.

Publication history

The character is first established by Grant Morrison in 1998 during the DC One Million crossover event.

2-Face-2 is only mentioned in passing by Batman 1000000 as a villain who reformed after Bruce Wayne's successor proved to the criminal that he had statistically performed more good deeds then evil deeds despite relying Two-Face's coin.


Grant Morrison reintroduces 2-Face-2 as a villain from Damian Wayne's time as Batman.

He comes to Damian's attention after hiring Max Roboto to hack into Gotham's climate control system and deploy a neurotoxic rain made of Joker Venom. After foiling the plan, Damian interrogates Roboto who reveals 2-Face-2's hideout in the Gotham sewers. On the way, he is attacked by police officers turned Monster Men. 2-Face-2 reveals that he has an infant Terry McGinnis infected with Joker Venom and an elderly Carter Nichols hostage, and wants the Joker's Joke Book that had been left with Nichols years before and was recovered by Dick later. He had kidnapped Terry thinking he was the son of a software magnate instead of a pair of blue collar workers. Damian takes him down by dropping a machine on him, knocking him out and awakening 2-Face-2's good side.

Modus operandi

2-Face-2 uses the tools and strategies of past Batman villains. His appearance and two silver dollars are from Two-Face, the name January harkens back to the Calendar Man, and the Monster Serum infected cops are taken from Hugo Strange. When Damian says that he has no ideas of his own, 2-Face-2 states "I don't invent. I innovate."

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