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1 (9character)

1 is one of the main characters of the Tim Burton animated film 9. He is the cowardly, arrogant portion of the Scientist's personality. He is voiced by Christopher Plummer.

 the Scientist's first creation. As the oldest of the group, he is the self-declared leader (though not all agree with his leadership, which leads to some conflicts). He ostensibly sent 2 out to scout, but may have hoped that he would be killed in the process. 1 is stubborn, irritable and cowardly. He has set down rules which he expects the others to follow. He frequently quarrels with 9. 1 wears a red cape that has a red jewel attached, and carries a bishop's mitre and crosier as symbols of authority. However, as he loses these things throughout the film, he becomes braver, and shows his change of character when he sacrifices himself to help 9 destroy the B.R.A.I.N.